Simulate Restoration
Use My Biomass Profile
Seasonal Biomass
Physical Inputs
Century Sea Level Risecm
Mean High Watercm NAVD
Mean Sea Levelcm NAVD
Lunar Nodal Ampcm
Initial Rate SLRcm/yr
Suspended Sed. Conc.mg/liter
Marsh Elevationcm NAVD
Biological Inputs
Max Veg Elevcm
Min Veg Elevcm
Max Peak Biomassg/m2
OM Decay rate1/time
Root&Rhizome:Shoot Ratiog/g
BG turnover rateyear-1
Refractory Fraction (kr)g/g
Max (95%) Root Depthcm
Trapping Coef & Settling Velocity
kscm-1 yr-1
qg cm-2 yr-1
       The Marsh Equilibrium Model MEM 3.4
Computes C-Sequestration and Marsh Responses to Sea-Level Rise